President’s Message

Rosa Mendoza-Friedheim, CSPI President (Center)

Rosa Mendoza-Friedheim, CASE, CDMP


President’s Message

Dear Colleagues, Members and Sponsors,

It with great honor and pride that I accept the incoming Presidency of CSPI. Having been a member since 2013, I have witnessed firsthand the passion and collaboration amongst all of us. It is this passion that I know will carry us forward this year and enable us to expand and grow our membership, services and mission.  We are all here to collaborate and connect and we are a unique and exceptional team.  We cannot be successful without each other.

Our focus this year will be driving membership, creating long lasting partnership alliances, and expanding our reach to those entities that are truly critical to our success in this industry. We will be moving forward with creative vision and successful planning.  We will be instrumental in creating standards and best practices through our Town Hall meetings.  We will ensure that our collaboration be acknowledged and respected throughout our professional networks.

As true advocates of face to face meetings, it is our mission to ensure that we connect and work towards advocating, not only for CSPI, but for the industry as a whole.  We have a lot of work ahead of us with our aggressive plan, but we know that we can count on each and every one of you for your support.  We are counting on you to spread the word on this wonderful organization.

I look forward to an exciting year ahead at CSPI!

Rosa Mendoza-Friedhiem, CASE, CDMP

CSPI, President


  • Angela Daniels

    Past President

  • Rosa Mendoza-Friedheim, CASE, CDMP


  • Elizabeth Berry

    First Vice President

  • John Oney

    Second Vice President

  • Bob McDonald

    Board Member Director

  • Michael McQuade

    Board Member Director

  • Sharon Altland Myers

    Board Member Director

  • Kelli Donahoe, CMP

    Board Member Director

  • Eric Reichert

    Board Member Director

  • Eric Satre

    Board Member Director

  • Russell R. Kice, CMP, CEM, HMCC

    Ex-Officio Member Director

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