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President’s Message Page

Rosa Mendoza-Friedheim, CSPI Outgoing President (Center) Elizabeth Berry, CASE, 2nd from left

Outgoing President’s Message

Dear Colleagues, Members and Sponsors,

As I turn the gavel over to our new President, Elizabeth Berry, I am astounded as to how quickly this year, and my tenure, has gone by. I accepted this position with great honor and pride and I thank our Board Directors for their passion and collaboration throughout this year. Thank you so much for your dedication and continued support of this unique and distinctive organization, where cities and centers collaborate to discuss best practices and participate in Town Hall Calls geared towards topics that are relevant in our world. This past year, we saw our membership and sponsorship, my two main objectives, grow. I look forward to assisting in continuing this momentum in the coming year.

I thank all of you for your continued membership and support, and I thank all of our sponsors for seeing the value that we bring.

I would especially like to thank two people who have made my presidency so much easier than it would have ever been….past Shawn Corwin Myland award winner Russell Kice, and our administrator, Pam Fitzgerald. Without both of them, this organization could not continue to be what it is.

Thank you,

Rosa Mendoza-Friedhiem, CASE, CDMP

CSPI, Immediate Past President

Incoming President’s Message

Hello to the CSPI community!

I am thrilled to accept the incoming Presidency of CSPI. This organization has been instrumental in my professional development in the convention and meetings industry and I am honored to be a part of such an outstanding board of directors. We have an amazing group of members and sponsors that I know will continue to keep CSPI growing in industry engagement.

I will continue the great work of my predecessors by amplifying engagement within our membership. We are a dynamic group that supports one another through candid, productive Town Hall calls. Exchanging these ideas and best practices create a wealth of knowledge that helps everyone. It is also great to see everyone throughout the year at our various connect events so we catch up in person.

CSPI is dedicated to nurturing these industry wide relationships to help our members, partners, and sponsors navigate a constantly changing and growing industry. Collaboration is the key to our success and we cannot do it without all of you. Thank you so much for being a part of our organization and we look forward to this next year!

Elizabeth Berry, CASE
CSPI President

2019 CSPI Board of Directors

  • Rosa Mendoza-Friedheim, CASE, CDMP

    Immediate Past President

  • Elizabeth Berry, CASE


  • John Oney

    First Vice President

  • Sharon Altland Myers

    Second Vice President

  • Kelli Donahoe, CMP

    Board Member Director

  • Michael McQuade

    Board Member Director

  • Mary Lynn Novelli, CMP

    Board Member Director

  • Eric Reichert

    Board Member Director

  • Trudy Singh, CMP

    Board Member Director

  • Regina Brittingham

    Board Member Director

  • Russell R. Kice, CMP, CEM, HMCC

    Ex-Officio Member Director

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